Bake Your Own Apple Roses

apple roses cover

Hello Friends!

The weekend is practically here and so is FALL BAKING SEASON! I’m sharing with you this recipe that I can’t wait to make this season. Only a few ingredients and minimal skill is required.  It is a recipe for powdered apple roses. The little charming delights consist of apple slices wrapped in a warm sheet of puff pastry which are then baked and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

here is a step by step tutorial to guide you in the kitchen.

Enjoy creating and baking WITH ABANDON!

Cheers, RR.


DIY Pallet Compost Bin


Believe it or not I have been gardening for a few years but this is my first time composting. Seriously, as a gardener I’m not sure why I delayed ? composting is pretty much half the fun! You don’t need anything but a good pile of organic matter to create a compost heap..but I felt inclined to keep my puppy (honey )OUT OF THE COMPOST PILE so I decided to go with this concept for a bin that utilized chicken wire and pallets.. Additionally, the inside base is the remains of an old dog house built a few years ago..It’s not really needed to make the bin..

3 pallets, chicken wire, staples, nails, extra hands, and a little ingenuity is all it takes. I started with the pallet frame ..I simply nailed the pallets together at the joints (top, middle, bottom), then I cut the chicken wire and wrapping it around the frame I  secured it by hammering in staples ( used a thick heavy duty staple). It was incredibly easy.  I didn’t paint my pallets or stencil any cute message on the pallets.. although I totally thought about it..but I kinda just wanted to get it done..and move on to the next project..(but I do think it would have been totally cute 😀 )


Here is a picture of my first compost sack it consists of coffee grounds, orange peels, egg shells, and some celery. I had so much fun with this project and I have now been composting for weeks. Next year I’ll have plenty of wonderful goodness to add in the garden. 😀

Happy Saturday!

Cheers, ❤ RR


Dahlia Dreamin


Greetings from the garden!

Have you ever planted dahlias before? It is my first year planting dahlia’s in the garden and may I just say it’s been an experience of PURE DELIGHT :D.  I planted two varieties of dahlia’s in mid March and now in October I have blooms everywhere.. they have reached a gorgeous length of over four feet. The blooms are so stunning and offer cheerful company around the house.


The pinkish white dahlia is known as an Illusion Dahlia and the yellow is named the Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia. If you haven’t grown dahlia’s before I definitely recommend it! there are so many beautiful varieties to add to the garden. I do recommend staking them early on.. garden stakes will help support the weight of these tall and heavy blooms.

Oh and a SIDE NOTE: I picked this bouquet just the other day and for those of you that are interested, or notice my Kristan wrist bracelet… well.. it is from a  friend of mine..The One and Only Kristan Mikala! She is a dear friend  who just recently won Female Vocal Artist Of The Year  AND Female Entertainer Of The Year from the Alabama Music Association. I’M SO VERY PROUD OF MY DEAR FRIEND ❤ she makes amazing music and if you would like to LIKE her FB Page or book a show you can here

Happy Saturday 😀

Cheers,  <3RR

Welcome Fall!


Feeling welcomed I believe is one of the most wonderful feelings.  Think about it.. there is nothing like visiting with a friend or loved one and sharing a hug or spending a few happy moments together.

It is  a simply fantastic feeling! Someone is happy to SEE YOU and SPEND TIME WITH YOU.. and it is  a WONDERFUL THING to make them feel welcome and to also be welcoming. .So I  want to share with you this easy DIY front porch decorating idea that I found on The Wood Grained Cottage. I have many ideas that I have pinned this year for fall but I love this one for creating a welcoming front porch sign. Honestly,  with a good cut of wood, letter stencils, some paint, and the right message it would be easy to accomplish. You can get inventive with your message too! Your  sign can say Happy Fall, Hello Autumn, or BOO!  what ever you choose .. Have fun picking words. 🙂

Of course, buying some pumpkins to place around the home and hearth is an affordable option too. Painting pumpkins with your friends ah! now there’s an idea! Friends make ALL THINGS BETTER!

I hope you enjoy  these creative ideas and have FUN creating a welcoming space for fall 🙂

Happy Friday Friends!

Cheers, RR

Apple Pie Pecans

pcan instruct

Hello October!

It’s a new month YAY! FALL IS PRACTICALLY HERE.  and I have been celebrating by working on fall packages to send to some friends. So of course I made a big batch of roasted pecans. I’m not a big sugar fan so I only used half the sugar that is typically used in most roasted nut recipes.. While making this I also had the thought to substitute with Truvia or some other natural sweetener..OH WELL MAYBE NEXT TIME. I went ahead and worked with what I had on hand.  I placed all of the ingredient in a mixing bowl then scattered them over a parchment lined cookie sheet to bake for an hour at 250 degrees. It was easy yet kinda eclectic 😀 which I think is why I DID IT. . just think the pleasant warmth of an oven and  aroma of apple pie filling up the air. Awesome? Wonderful? YES! you guessed it!


After the pecans cooled for a bit (about 20 minutes) I placed handfuls of pecans in small plastic gift bags and tied them.  My friends are gonna love ME. HA!  at least the ones that don’t have nut allergies anyways .. I hope you enjoy this recipe and Happy Fall 😀


❤ RR

Cranberry Goddess

Hello & Happy Sunday!

I’m getting ready to face another monday  but I wanted to share with you this lovely salad recipe. I call it the Cranberry Goddess 😀 It is light, bright, and LIVELY! not to mention  a JOY to ENJOY! 😀


All that is required are a few ingredients:


What I LOVE  about this salad is that it is SO RICH in nutrition. The pecans are an excellent source of healthy fats, vitamin E, and Copper. Copper is an essential mineral for brain function. Pecans can really make for a powerful addition to any salad and you may want to  sprinkle them on other dishes.  The cranberries and chunks of green apple add a touch of crisp sweetness to this salad that I hope you will truly enjoy!

Have a wonderfully healthy week 😀

Cheers, RR


Mango Berry Salad

Mango Salad

Mango berry salad is a healthy side dish or snack. It is simplistic yet powerful! and since it consists of just three ingredients blackberries, blueberries, and diced mango chunks.. IT’S EASY TO MAKE 😀

Blackberries and blueberries are known for providing a wide range of health benefits, because they are full of anti-oxidants.  Blackberries are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K. Also, The fiber in blackberries helps to aid digestion.  Blueberries are nutrient dense little delights that boost the immune system .

Moreover, the mango a.k.a The King of Fruits   pairs well with the berries making for a refreshing treat!

Feel free to add additions to this salad. I like to add cilantro because it accentuates the flavor of the mango. . and this can be turned into a salsa  by adding some red onion. In a taste trial the cilantro was a real winner…but when it comes to onions well you know not everyone cares for’ exercise caution.

Cheers, ❤ RR




Hello friends!

Have you tried making zoodles yet? I love making zoodles!! I feel so much better when I eat heaping amounts of vegetables and add fresh herbs from the garden. I’m an amateur gardener at best! My glorious vision of winter crops was semi realized this year🎉🎉. I grew my first heads of cabbage and broccoli. Who knew? Broccoli could produce such beautiful flowers?

Anyways.. Back to zoodles! If you haven’t tried making them I recommend picking a Pinterest recipe of choice and experimenting in the kitchen.

Cooking is an ART form all it own, so remember to have FUN!


P.S. What’s your favorite dish to cook at home? Inspire Me?😁🎉

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Create A Honey Tea Stir Stick


On a trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast I discovered this honey stir stick


and was suddenly inspired to make some of my own. After all, I prefer to avoid corn syrup when possible and this would be the perfect addition to some  fall packages for my  friends and family.

Making these sticks IS INCREDIBLY EASY! however, my first attempt was an EPIC FAIL..because I followed some bad bloggy instructions. Nevermind that though! I’m going to share with you the EASY! and FUN! way 🙂

You will need some Honey. GLORIOUS GOLDEN HONEY..I know a local beekeeper and so I went with a local honey which is rich and full of flavor.


Place some honey in a saucepan and heat it on medium heat till your candy thermometer reads 300 degrees which takes about 15-20 minutes. You can  start by heating just 1 cup of honey which can yield about 16-24 sticks depending on size.. mine are about 1.5 inches.  Make sure to stir the honey frequently this will keep it from boiling over. Once your honey reaches 300 degrees let it cool for 2-3 three minutes. By letting the honey cool  it makes it easier to drizzle the honey in a circular motion over the lolli sticks.


And it is that SIMPLE! heat, stir, drizzle, and VOILA! ENJOY! you can decorate the sticks with craft stickers and wrap.. that’s the FUN part! and the BEST PART is You can pick your favorite tea or coffee and share with a friend. AFTER ALL NOTHING SAYS FRIENDSHIP LIKE TEA & FUZZY SOCKS 😀

Stay Creative ❤

P.S. If you are worried about the honey destroying your pan… don’t freak out.. I used a non stick saucepan and once I was done making the lolli’s I added some water to the pan and reheated it for a few doing this the honey cleaned out of the pan with no problems..

Cheers! RR.

September Sands

I recently traveled to the beach with some friends we joked about the sand flies and wondered about what it was like to be eaten alive……while Sand flies are not  mosquitoes they are just as irritating..So we all jumped in the water to save ourselves.  Later we stopped to admire the  dunes and tumbled upon some incredible blooms. BEHOLD! The splendid FIREWORKS of September. The indian blanket flower otherwise known as Firewheel was scattered throughout the  dunes like beach blankets.

The gorgeous fiery discs love sandy soil and do well in the south with fall approaching I hope these flowers inspire you! they would be a wonderful addition to a wildflower meadow to aid the bees. Also, Firewheel is an annual that tolerates heat and dryness and  it can be planted in the fall.

P.S. when visiting the beach, always bring vinegar .. just in case you bump into some jelly fish…vinegar will sooth the sting.