September Sands

I recently traveled to the beach with some friends we joked about the sand flies and wondered about what it was like to be eaten alive……while Sand flies are not  mosquitoes they are just as irritating..So we all jumped in the water to save ourselves.  Later we stopped to admire the  dunes and tumbled upon some incredible blooms. BEHOLD! The splendid FIREWORKS of September. The indian blanket flower otherwise known as Firewheel was scattered throughout the  dunes like beach blankets.

The gorgeous fiery discs love sandy soil and do well in the south with fall approaching I hope these flowers inspire you! they would be a wonderful addition to a wildflower meadow to aid the bees. Also, Firewheel is an annual that tolerates heat and dryness and  it can be planted in the fall.

P.S. when visiting the beach, always bring vinegar .. just in case you bump into some jelly fish…vinegar will sooth the sting.


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