Apple Pie Pecans

pcan instruct

Hello October!

It’s a new month YAY! FALL IS PRACTICALLY HERE.  and I have been celebrating by working on fall packages to send to some friends. So of course I made a big batch of roasted pecans. I’m not a big sugar fan so I only used half the sugar that is typically used in most roasted nut recipes.. While making this I also had the thought to substitute with Truvia or some other natural sweetener..OH WELL MAYBE NEXT TIME. I went ahead and worked with what I had on hand.  I placed all of the ingredient in a mixing bowl then scattered them over a parchment lined cookie sheet to bake for an hour at 250 degrees. It was easy yet kinda eclectic 😀 which I think is why I DID IT. . just think the pleasant warmth of an oven and  aroma of apple pie filling up the air. Awesome? Wonderful? YES! you guessed it!


After the pecans cooled for a bit (about 20 minutes) I placed handfuls of pecans in small plastic gift bags and tied them.  My friends are gonna love ME. HA!  at least the ones that don’t have nut allergies anyways .. I hope you enjoy this recipe and Happy Fall 😀


❤ RR


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