DIY Pallet Compost Bin


Believe it or not I have been gardening for a few years but this is my first time composting. Seriously, as a gardener I’m not sure why I delayed ? composting is pretty much half the fun! You don’t need anything but a good pile of organic matter to create a compost heap..but I felt inclined to keep my puppy (honey )OUT OF THE COMPOST PILE so I decided to go with this concept for a bin that utilized chicken wire and pallets.. Additionally, the inside base is the remains of an old dog house built a few years ago..It’s not really needed to make the bin..

3 pallets, chicken wire, staples, nails, extra hands, and a little ingenuity is all it takes. I started with the pallet frame ..I simply nailed the pallets together at the joints (top, middle, bottom), then I cut the chicken wire and wrapping it around the frame I  secured it by hammering in staples ( used a thick heavy duty staple). It was incredibly easy.  I didn’t paint my pallets or stencil any cute message on the pallets.. although I totally thought about it..but I kinda just wanted to get it done..and move on to the next project..(but I do think it would have been totally cute 😀 )


Here is a picture of my first compost sack it consists of coffee grounds, orange peels, egg shells, and some celery. I had so much fun with this project and I have now been composting for weeks. Next year I’ll have plenty of wonderful goodness to add in the garden. 😀

Happy Saturday!

Cheers, ❤ RR



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