Bake Your Own Apple Roses

apple roses cover

Hello Friends!

The weekend is practically here and so is FALL BAKING SEASON! I’m sharing with you this recipe that I can’t wait to make this season. Only a few ingredients and minimal skill is required.  It is a recipe for powdered apple roses. The little charming delights consist of apple slices wrapped in a warm sheet of puff pastry which are then baked and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

here is a step by step tutorial to guide you in the kitchen.

Enjoy creating and baking WITH ABANDON!

Cheers, RR.


Apple Pie Pecans

pcan instruct

Hello October!

It’s a new month YAY! FALL IS PRACTICALLY HERE.  and I have been celebrating by working on fall packages to send to some friends. So of course I made a big batch of roasted pecans. I’m not a big sugar fan so I only used half the sugar that is typically used in most roasted nut recipes.. While making this I also had the thought to substitute with Truvia or some other natural sweetener..OH WELL MAYBE NEXT TIME. I went ahead and worked with what I had on hand.  I placed all of the ingredient in a mixing bowl then scattered them over a parchment lined cookie sheet to bake for an hour at 250 degrees. It was easy yet kinda eclectic 😀 which I think is why I DID IT. . just think the pleasant warmth of an oven and  aroma of apple pie filling up the air. Awesome? Wonderful? YES! you guessed it!


After the pecans cooled for a bit (about 20 minutes) I placed handfuls of pecans in small plastic gift bags and tied them.  My friends are gonna love ME. HA!  at least the ones that don’t have nut allergies anyways .. I hope you enjoy this recipe and Happy Fall 😀


❤ RR

Create A Honey Tea Stir Stick


On a trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast I discovered this honey stir stick


and was suddenly inspired to make some of my own. After all, I prefer to avoid corn syrup when possible and this would be the perfect addition to some  fall packages for my  friends and family.

Making these sticks IS INCREDIBLY EASY! however, my first attempt was an EPIC FAIL..because I followed some bad bloggy instructions. Nevermind that though! I’m going to share with you the EASY! and FUN! way 🙂

You will need some Honey. GLORIOUS GOLDEN HONEY..I know a local beekeeper and so I went with a local honey which is rich and full of flavor.


Place some honey in a saucepan and heat it on medium heat till your candy thermometer reads 300 degrees which takes about 15-20 minutes. You can  start by heating just 1 cup of honey which can yield about 16-24 sticks depending on size.. mine are about 1.5 inches.  Make sure to stir the honey frequently this will keep it from boiling over. Once your honey reaches 300 degrees let it cool for 2-3 three minutes. By letting the honey cool  it makes it easier to drizzle the honey in a circular motion over the lolli sticks.


And it is that SIMPLE! heat, stir, drizzle, and VOILA! ENJOY! you can decorate the sticks with craft stickers and wrap.. that’s the FUN part! and the BEST PART is You can pick your favorite tea or coffee and share with a friend. AFTER ALL NOTHING SAYS FRIENDSHIP LIKE TEA & FUZZY SOCKS 😀

Stay Creative ❤

P.S. If you are worried about the honey destroying your pan… don’t freak out.. I used a non stick saucepan and once I was done making the lolli’s I added some water to the pan and reheated it for a few doing this the honey cleaned out of the pan with no problems..

Cheers! RR.