Dahlia Dreamin


Greetings from the garden!

Have you ever planted dahlias before? It is my first year planting dahlia’s in the garden and may I just say it’s been an experience of PURE DELIGHT :D.  I planted two varieties of dahlia’s in mid March and now in October I have blooms everywhere.. they have reached a gorgeous length of over four feet. The blooms are so stunning and offer cheerful company around the house.


The pinkish white dahlia is known as an Illusion Dahlia and the yellow is named the Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia. If you haven’t grown dahlia’s before I definitely recommend it! there are so many beautiful varieties to add to the garden. I do recommend staking them early on.. garden stakes will help support the weight of these tall and heavy blooms.

Oh and a SIDE NOTE: I picked this bouquet just the other day and for those of you that are interested, or notice my Kristan wrist bracelet… well.. it is from a  friend of mine..The One and Only Kristan Mikala! She is a dear friend  who just recently won Female Vocal Artist Of The Year  AND Female Entertainer Of The Year from the Alabama Music Association. I’M SO VERY PROUD OF MY DEAR FRIEND ❤ she makes amazing music and if you would like to LIKE her FB Page or book a show you can here

Happy Saturday 😀

Cheers,  <3RR




Hello friends!

Have you tried making zoodles yet? I love making zoodles!! I feel so much better when I eat heaping amounts of vegetables and add fresh herbs from the garden. I’m an amateur gardener at best! My glorious vision of winter crops was semi realized this year🎉🎉. I grew my first heads of cabbage and broccoli. Who knew? Broccoli could produce such beautiful flowers?

Anyways.. Back to zoodles! If you haven’t tried making them I recommend picking a Pinterest recipe of choice and experimenting in the kitchen.

Cooking is an ART form all it own, so remember to have FUN!


P.S. What’s your favorite dish to cook at home? Inspire Me?😁🎉

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